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New England Stands Pat at NFL Trade Deadline

New England Stands Pat at NFL Trade Deadline

Foxborough, MA - After a slew of injuries to the offensive roster for the New England Patriots, many analysts reported from the inside of the Patriots organization that the makings of a trade before the deadline were present.

With Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel ailing, the Patriots were reportedly in the market for a running back. Top talents like Le'Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers were reported to be on the trading block, but ultimately, the price for Bell would have been far too high for the Patriots to justify.

However, with a will-he, won't-he status constantly present for Rob Gronkowski, a decline in usage for Chris Hogan, a disappearance from Phillip Dorsett, and the confusion surrounding the idea of whether or not Josh Gordon has upset the Patriots coaching staff by being late to practice, the Patriots were rumored to be heavily pushing for a wide receiver to join the offense.

Corresponding these rumors with those floating around the league, it seemed like there were two major targets of whom the Patriots were in pursuit. The Denver Broncos made it clear to the league that their top veteran target, Demaryius Thomas, was on the trading block. Additionally, the Detroit Lions, with receivers like Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones, Jr. emerging into prominent roles on the team, made Golden Tate available, despite the fact that he has received the highest percentage of targets this season from Matthew Stafford.

Thomas and Tate were rumored to be two big names that the Patriots were going after, but ultimately they were traded to the Houston Texans and the Philadelphia Eagles, respectively.

Obviously, talent like that would never be unwelcome on the Patriots, but with the fact that the Dallas Cowboys had to give up a first round pick to get Oakland Raiders wideout Amari Cooper, the price would have been far too steep.

The fact that the Patriots stood still at the deadline also shows how confident they are in Gordon. Tom Brady has sung the praises of Gordon for weeks now and the team really seems like they believe in the skill set that he can provide for the team.