BOSTON - More than 150 law students have voiced their disapproval of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s position as dean and president of New England Law Boston.

According to Masslive, students signed the petition citing Brown’s history of controversial comments and behavior, as well as his political beliefs.

“Ambassador Brown cannot serve as the dean of New England Law Boston when his political and moral believes are so repugnant to those of the student body in the legal institution itself,” the petition stated.

In recent years it seems that Brown has landed himself in hot water by making comments that have been seen as inappropriate.

Back in 2017, Brown took a trip to Samoa as part of his role as ambassador to New Zealand in Samoa. It was there that Brown, reported by CNN, made comments to the waitstaff in regards to their appearance, calling them “beautiful.”

Brown also allegedly told the wait staff that they could make more money in the hospitality industry in the United States. Those comments landed him at the center of an investigation by the US State Department’s inspector general.

While nothing much came of the situation with Brown only being verbally disciplined, the students of New England Law Boston also pointed out in their position Brown's views on the LBGTQ community, his position on race and gender on top of being one of Donald Trump's biggest supporters.

One New England Law Boston student who is leading the fight against Scott Brown's appointment to dean and president is Dylan Lang. In a phone interview with Boston Magazine, Lang points out that aside from Brown's political stances he also lacks any experience in the academic arena when it comes to law.

“I feel that this is a very political decision on behalf of New England Law,” Lang shared. “He [Brown] is not a legal expert. He is not published. He hasn’t done anything academic in his lifetime…So it’s hard to believe he would really be the best choice.”

Amid the push back by students, it appears New England Law Boston is moving forward with welcoming Scott Brown to their institution as dean and president.

“In the past few days, we have heard from many students, faculty, and alumni who have shared their excitement about the selection of Ambassador Brown,” read a statement from New England Law.

“We value the feedback of all students, positive and negative, and plan to provide a community forum at some point to discuss their views. We look forward to Ambassador Brown leading New England Law towards an exciting future.”