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New Bus and Bike Lane Comes to Brighton Avenue

New Bus and Bike Lane Comes to Brighton Avenue

BOSTON - The stretch of Brighton Ave. between Union Square and Packard's Corner will soon be sporting a new look: bike and bus lanes. The Boston Department of Transportation announced this changeg on Twitter yesterday.

The MBTA's aim to improve the quality and efficiency of the transport for all of them, while also maintaining the safety that is critical for all pedestrians. The Brighton Ave. section is intended to help improve riding conditions for passengers on the 57/57A and 66 routes, which are among the MBTA's most populated and crowded bus lines. It only makes sense to help loosen up this bottleneck and maybe help the MBTA become a bit more palatable for Bostonians. The project is also said to be a great help for reducing the enormous wait times of MBTA travelers, en route to encouraging all residents to embrace public transportation over driving themselves in individual cars.

The first two weeks of May were spent re-paving the street to accommodate for the new Brighton Avenue bus lane. Currently, the repainting of the lane is transpiring and is expected to be completed by the middle of June. Initial testing and the "inaugural ride" of the new bus lane is expected to commence in late June. Following this, six months of evaluations and revisions will be conducted to determine if the new bus lane is truly effective or if it will need further analysis and reconstruction.

Some feel that the aim to increase efficiency for the MBTA will reduce safety for everyone else, but a similar project undertaken on Washington Street, according to the City of Boston, resulted in 89% percent of cyclists saying that they felt safe with the new bus lane. As long as safety is taken as the top priority with the Brighton Avenue overhaul, then there should be no problem with the efforts to reduce wait times.

Image via Flickr / MassDot