BOSTON – Logan Airport made a big splash in the news this week when it was announced that the zone for Uber and Lyft pick-ups and drop-offs would gradually be changing over the course of the next couple months. While this change does seem like it will be an effective one, it undoubtedly raised the ire of many Boston travelers as they consider it to ultimately be an inconvenience to their standard plans for traveling to and from the airport.

Fortunately, Logan is also committed to earning back much of the goodwill that might be tested during their multi-year period of renovations that are coming to the area. And part of that goodwill can be found in the myriad shops and restaurants that have opened in the past month and will continue to open going forward.

As we previously reported, Boston Public Market will be coming to Terminal C at some point before the end of 2019 and that will be a big boon for travelers out of that wing of the airport. Additionally, according to, October also saw Terminal C gain an Italian steakhouse. On top of that, Terminal B became home to New England Collections, a university type gift shop, and two restaurants, Trade and Temazcal Tequila Cantina. Terminal E also gained a restaurant known as Monica’s Mercato.

But the new additions of restaurants and shops to Logan Airport does not stop there. In fact, two more big locations are slated to open doors to travelers from all over the world in Boston in the coming weeks. For one, Monument, a tavern that originated in its popularity from Charlestown, is ready to open to the public soon in Terminal B.

And over in Terminal C, the next four to six weeks, will see the arrival of a New Balance retail store. This could be great for more athletically-minded passengers who want to gear up with apparel from the great local sports teams or just some more comfortable sneakers for a long plane ride. Keep those shoes on, though.

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash