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New Ax-Throwing Bar Comes to Boston in Late June

New Ax-Throwing Bar Comes to Boston in Late June

EVERETT - A new casino isn't the only thing coming to Everett this June - Everett will also be the new home for the fourth ax-throwing bar in Massachusetts and the second in the Boston region (the other one opened in Somerville last December). Paired with the casino and other unusual entertainment options Everett boasts (breweries, indoor rock climbing gyms, an indoor trampoline park) Everett is sure to become a top destination for entertainment, though when friends hang out, ax-throwing isn't usually the go-to activity.

In my mind, Game of Thrones might have had something to do with this newfound popularity. Ax-throwing may not be as popular on the show as archery and sword fighting are, but it would be pretty hard to justify a bar where the major practice for fun inside is a duel with swords. (Although, medieval jousting festivals are known to draw major crowds.) Either way, ax-throwing is an activity that goes back hundreds of years and whether it's related to Thrones or not, it is definitely making a resurgence.

The bar is known as Revolution Axe Throwing and its official opening date is slated as June 27. Currently, the bar will be open four days a week. Additionally, at least for an initial period, Revolution will be reservation-only, and those reservations won't come cheap. The cost for a group of friends who want to spend the evening throwing axes is $45 per person.

It might be expensive, but it would definitely make for a unique, if not bizarre, method of entertainment. You'll probably end up with a slew of unforgettable memories. You just have to hope that none of them involve the ax slipping out of someone's grip. But with the success in Somerville, Agawam, and Marlborough, there should be no cause for concern in Everett, either!