FOXBOROUGH – On the one hand, you want to say that the New England Patriots had no idea what they were getting into when they signed wide receiver Antonio Brown to a one-year contract. On the other hand, his behavior as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders was evidence enough that he was a clubhouse cancer. Regardless, I do not think anyone expected the story of Brown to be this troubling.

After an alleged instance of domestic assault in February was dismissed, new allegations of sexual assault and rape against Brown were brought to light last week as reported by The New York Times. Brown's former athletic trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a federal lawsuit saying that the receiver had committed numerous instances of sexual assault against her, as well as one alleged instance of rape. And now, courtesy of an article by Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated, even more allegations have been levied against Brown.

The second allegation of sexual harassment comes from an anonymous woman who worked for Sophia Hanson, a co-founder of the National Youth Foundation. For this foundation, Brown conducted charity work by participating in a softball game and bidding on a painting of himself.

Per the article, Brown was so enamored with the painting that he hired the painter to continue working for him. It was while the artist was working on a mural at his house when Brown allegedly approached her completely naked, save for a small towel around his genitals. After this, Brown allegedly ghosted the National Youth Foundation, paying her for her work, but nothing more.

Additionally, in the investigation conducted by SI, Brown was said to have denied the payment of wages to various employees in his staff and, through court records, has exhibited perpetual unruly behavior to many staff members over the course of years. Brown's lawyer, Darren Heitner, continues to deny all of these allegations.

However, they are just the latest instances in an extensive timeline of Brown's extremely disturbing behavior that makes it hard to justify his current position as a member of the Patriots.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Jeffrey Beall