BOSTON – A new 14-story co-living development is underway in Boston's South End on the corner of Herald and Albany Street, according to the Boston Herald.

The new 7INK co-living development will feature 180 shared suites and micro-studios, allowing renters to have their own personal bedroom space but share common spaces with other tenants.

The co-living trend aims to make city living a little more affordable for those looking to call Boston (and other pricey cities) home. The 7INK development comes from National Development.

National Development hopes the new units will help address the housing shortage in Boston while also attracting millennial and others looking for fully furnished living spaces.

The development will also include cable, wi-fi and weekly cleaning services.

For those interested in the 7INK co-living development, tenants can choose to share bathroom space or pay an additional rent for their own private bathroom.

Those looking for a roommate can also be paired up by National Development based on their compatibility with other tenants.

"You will be able to come in if you don’t have a roommate and [if you] want one we will actually match you so we take the guest's work out of it," said Ted Tye, a Managing Partner with National Development.

"We have been receiving a lot of interest both locally and nationally, this is the first time Boston has dipped it's toe into co-living.”

Adding, "You think about a younger person, maybe coming to work at GE, they may be coming from somewhere else in the country and not know anyone in the city. Here they can close their door, but have a social environment as well.”

Monthly pricing for the development has yet to be announced but will reportedly run slightly less than traditional units at the Ink Block, according to Boston 25 News.

The new 7INK co-living development is expected to be completed by 2021.

Image via Instagram