BOSTON – Back in the middle of July, the player ratings for the entire gallery of athletes in Madden 20 were announced, and it prompted a lot of ribbing on social media, especially from Tom Brady, regarding his speed ratings.

Obviously, my bias is that every Patriot deserved to be rated higher than they were. But now, NBA 2K20 has announced their player ratings for the game in the upcoming 2019-20 season, and, I have to say, they are seriously underrating the Celtics! I’m not in the camp that thinks the players belong on the same tier as Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, and LeBron James, of course, but I think the Celtics deserve more respect than they are currently getting.

As the only All-Star currently on the Celtics roster, Boston newcomer and point guard Kemba Walker has the highest rating in NBA 2K20 with a score of 88. Maybe the game is being too stringent with its 90 and above ratings, but comparable players to Walker, like De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings and Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards, both rank lower than Walker, so it is at least justified in that regard.

Third-year forward Jayson Tatum also has a very high (and perhaps very generous) score of 85, but perhaps 2K20 is betting on Tatum finally having his true breakthrough in this upcoming year. Another generous score was given to Gordon Hayward, who clocked in with an 80, matching another Celtics newcomer, Enes Kanter. Robert Williams’ 74 rating also seems like a proper score.

However, the disrespect I mentioned earlier comes in the way NBA 2K20 is treating Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart. Obviously, Tatum has the most star potential of that trio, but to rate Brown and Smart six whole points fewer than Tatum feels like a disservice to their skills. Both of them are more than capable of handling a game on the court and Brown especially has blossomed into an excellent game-manager and shooter. To have someone like T.J. Warren of the Indiana Pacers rank above Brown and Smart is just flat out disrespectful.

As for the Celtics’ rookies, only two have confirmed ratings so far. Shooting guard Romeo Langford and power forward Grant Williams both have 72 scores to begin their careers. Carsen Edwards, Tremont Waters, and Tacko Fall are not yet rated. (Make Tacko a 100, you cowards.)

Two departed Celtics, Al Horford and Kyrie Irving, also notably received an 85 and a 91, respectively.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Paul Keleher