PALM BEACH - Has winter in New England begun to take its toll on you? Are you looking for someplace warmer where you can have a relaxing getaway apart from the cold weather, rather than just sticking it out until summer comes to New England? Worry not.

For all travelers who seek the sun, there is a brand new, New England style option coming to them by way of Palm Beach, Florida. It's one of the nicer areas of the Sunshine State, which often has a vacation reputation tied to Disney World.

But not this vacation. Palm Beach is assuredly removed from Walt Disney World and the other nearby theme parks of Florida. While it may be even further away from Nantucket, one of Massachusetts' most lavish and relaxing islands, there is going to be a taste of that New England atmosphere all the way south in Palm Beach.

White Elephant Palm Beach, an offshoot of the Inn at White Elephant in Nantucket, has narrowed down its opening date from spring 2020 to April 2020, per NBC. The opening of this new pride-of-New-England hotel is coming just around the corner, with bookings starting in the middle of April! Granted, with rates topping $300, it's going to be a steep payment. But with the aesthetic and amenities provided by the hotelier experts of White Elephant, it'll be a no brainer to book a stay in this resort, even if one is in Palm Beach, rather than Nantucket.

For a while now, the hotel, which was formerly known as the Bradley Park Hotel, has been renovated by the White Elephant hotel ownership group, New England Development. The hotel is slated to have thirteen rooms and nineteen suites throughout, as well as restaurants that blend the best of New England cuisine and Florida cooking.

The news that White Elephant Palm Beach will be opening its doors in April 2020 comes on the heels of the U.S. News & World Report, which we wrote about here, that claimed Nantucket's Inn at White Elephant as one of the ten best hotels in the nation. With that sort of reputation, it is surprising that the team behind the White Elephant did not think of expanding their presence sooner. After all, with successes like Disney's Yacht and Beach Club resorts that are modeled after New England architecture, the White Elephant in Palm Beach is sure to be a smashing success.

Image via Yelp