CHELSEA – One of the most beloved and popular breweries in the greater Boston area announced late on Friday on social media that they would be closing down, much to the dismay of many locals who are always on the hunt for the next great brew and brewhouse.

Unfortunately, Mystic Brewery in Chelsea will close for good on October 19. According to Bryan Greenhagen, the founder of Mystic Brewery, the location will introduce a few new last brews before closing up shop in October, as they will also be working to sell off the remaining batches of ales and beers that they have on hand in Chelsea. Basically, if you want one last taste of Mystic or if you've never been, but have always wanted to go, now is the time. There are just twenty days left of operation.

Founded in 2011, Greenhagen took to Chelsea to open the location in 2013 and it quickly skyrocketed in popularity, as he moved from brewing exclusively farmhouse ales to expanding into the realm of IPAs, among other beverages. Sadly, this popularity was not long-lasting enough and, when plans for an expansion in the area fell through, so did the long-term business operations of Mystic altogether.

In a statement, Greenhagen wrote, “All of us at Mystic extend our eternal gratitude to everyone who helped us and supported us in our mission to change beer culture for the better in Boston and beyond...I am proud of the many Mystic alumni going on to their own success as well as the incredible team of great people we have now. We are sad to wind down our work here, but we are proud of what we accomplished and know in our hearts that the impact of Mystic will remain long after the doors are closed.”

It's always sad to see a local business like this close, especially when it received such acclaim from its fanbase. It's even sadder when it's a brewery that people loved to go to and spend time at. There are plenty of breweries in the Boston area, but Mystic was one of a kind. Time to pour one out for them.

Image via Instagram