BOSTON - Academically and educationally, Boston is an extremely rich city. From some of the top universities and public schools in the entire nation to a series of educational attractions and exhibits that benefit learners of all ages, the city has an undeniable commitment to pedagogy.

The Museum of Science in Boston is an excellent example of this, as it has become a resource to many, whether they are bona fide scientists who are contributing to rotating exhibits or first graders on a field trip. There is something for everyone at the Museum of Science, which has always been a shining beacon of what Boston provides to all.

Unfortunately, this notion has been a bit mired by recent claims made by the workers of the Museum of Science who say they have been treated poorly by the institution.

The visitor services department at the Museum of Science, according to Katie Johnston of The Boston Globe, recently underwent an entire shake-up that saw many workers relocated to different roles in the system. However, this was a decision that caused the ire of many of those workers, who believe that it was a mass act of wrongful demotion.

The particular workers who have spoken up after this perceived demotion claim that the reorganization happened because they were not selling enough memberships to the museum when they worked at the box office with in-person visitors and customers. The employees said they were "pressured into taking as much money as possible from visitors."

In this sense, the box office job at the Museum of Science has become about much more than selling tickets to an educational opportunity. It has become about pushing as much product as possible to keep earning more money.

Some workers were allegedly told that if they did not sell enough memberships, they would begin to lose their shifts and it seems like that is exactly what happened. I will say that not every box office attendant is necessarily equipped with the skills of a salesperson and even if they were, that does not mean they would be comfortable with being aggressive at selling and up-charging people at every turn when they just want to spend a day educating themselves. However, of course, the story is still developing.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons