BOSTON - With a new decade comes a big slate of new changes to some of the most visited destinations in and around Boston. One of the top attractions in the city, the Museum of Science, is also going to undergo a number of improvements and retoolings throughout the year of 2020 and it all begins today!

Last week, it was announced on the official Instagram account of the Museum of Science that their screening theater, the Mugar Omni Theater, was going to undergo big renovations. Mugar Omni has made a name for itself at the Museum of Science for providing a screening room of some impressive educational documentaries and film experiences. From learning about the coolest new forms of science to experiencing the best in cutting-edge screening technology, few museum theaters have been as fruitful for visitors and learners of all ages as the Mugar Omni Theater.

However, the Mugar Omni Theater closed today and it will remain out of capacity for the next three months. In April 2020, the theater will reopen with brand new features. The lighting systems, as well as the surround sound network, will be upgraded and the theater will receive brand new seats. Additionally, the projection system will be upgraded with a brand new digital laser projection method of screening the best in educational footage. It'll be sad to be without the theater for three months, but it's all in the name of great improvements!

In addition to the news surrounding the Mugar Omni Theater, the Museum of Science was also making headlines recently when it was announced that they had partnered with Questacon, a STEM center in Australia, as confirmed by PR Newswire. The aim of this partnership was to help bring STEM programs to primary schools across Australia. It is great to see such a global partnership thrive between Melbourne, Australia and Boston, Massachusetts!

If you ever felt like contributing more to this sisterhood between the two cities and countries, then the best time is now.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons