BOSTON - Andrew MacCormick of Revere gave a final statement in court on Monday after being sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Vanessa MacCormack, a Lynn school teacher. 

Vanessa MacCormack, who worked at Connery Elementary School, was murdered back in 2017 in her home. Just days later, police arrested 31-year-old Andrew MacCormick for her murder.

The scene of Vanessa's death was reported to have been cleaned with bleach. A butcher block at the couple’s home was also missing a knife. Vanessa MacCormack was found strangled and stabbed. When police interviewed Andrew MacCormick he was covered with a large rash on his body leading police began to investigate into what later would be explained as a violent domestic altercation, according to CBS Local.

After being sentenced, MacCormick told the court that he “will not rest until this injustice is corrected.”

“Vanessa, I know you are turning over in your grave right now as I sit here today being sentenced for your murder,” he said.

“The explanation for zero physical evidence linking me to my wife’s murder is a simple one. I did not murder her,” MacCormick told the court. “I have never raised a finger to Vanessa, and I sure as hell didn’t kill her. There is someone getting away with murder right now walking free.”

Several family members of the second grade teacher made impact statements, per WCVB,  that brought many inside the court to tears.

“I cannot recover from the fact that he hugged me with the same hands he used to kill her not even 24 hours before,” she said. “Coping with death is hard and coping with murder is painful. Coping with a brutal murder is torturous. But dealing with a brutal murder that was committed by someone who was trusted and loved is absolutely unendurable,” Vanessa’s sister, Angela Masucci, shared.

Vanessa MacCormack’s mother, Karen Masucci, also shared a statement detailing the pain she feels after losing her daughter.

“The pain of losing Vanessa is so deep and painful that I don’t feel like a whole person and I never will,” Masucci shared. “Vanessa is the last thing I think about at night when I close my eyes and the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, hoping that when I wake up I will see her standing there with that beautiful smile.”

Image Via Wikimedia Commons