Quincy, MA – Police are investigating a shooting early Wednesday morning which resulted in critical injuries in two Dorchester men.

Reports indicate the shooting occurred at approximately 1:50 am at a two-family home near 80 Rodman St, off Burgin Parkway in South Quincy. Police report upwards of 27 shots may have been fired during the incident.

Two male victims, aged 24 and 40, were found critically wounded when police arrived to the scene. Ballistic evidence was also found in the siding of a nearby house ,according to Quincy Police Chief Joseph Dougan. Both victims, whose names have not been released, were brought to Boston Medical Center for treatment. At least eight other people were present during the shooting but suffered no injuries.

“There was just a lot of gunshots that woke us up and we just heard a lot of screaming and banging and stuff,” nearby resident Yana Huang told reporters Wednesday morning. “Afterwards a car drove out and I tried calling police but then there was already a police car here. At first I thought it was a thief coming into my house, so I quickly go downstairs to look but then I realized it was next door.”

The incident occurred less than two months after a shooting at Welcome Young Park in North Quincy which wounded one local resident. It is not believed the two incidents are related.

“We do not believe this is random,” Dougan indicated. Police are currently investigating to see if the shooting was potentially gang-related. There are currently no suspects in the incident.

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash