MASSACHUSETTS - Federal Investigators have discovered card skimmers at gas pumps in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut. The skimmers obtained more than 5,000 debit card and credit card numbers.

The United States Secret Service discovered the debit card and credit card numbers within texts and skimming equipment used by Luis Angel Naranjo Rodriguez, a member of a card skimming ring who has been incarcerated in Massachusetts since November.

Last year in April, card skimmers were discovered by an employee on two gas pumps at a Gulf gas station located on Commonwealth Avenue in Concord, Massachusetts. According to Masslive, the skimmers contained 391 credit card and debit card account numbers on them. A month later, two more card skimmers were found at a Gulf gas station on Route 9 in Framingham.

According to court documents filed last week, federal authorities tied Luis Angel Naranjo Rodriguez to the ring after spotting him back in November 2019 at the Gulf gas station in Concord around 1 a.m. when the gas station was closed. An unnamed individual was seen sitting in a vehicle while Rodriguez stood outside of the vehicle at a gas pump with latex gloves on. An officer approached Rodriguez who stated that he was getting gas. The officer then searched the vehicle.

Per court records, “officers searching the Ford Explorer also located four SMS skimming devices in the glovebox, black rubber gloves in a seat of the vehicle, additional gas pump keys, a black Samsung phone and a red iPhone.”

After searching Rodriguez’s vehicle, authorities then searched a Framingham hotel where he had been staying. Between the vehicle search and the hotel search, officers found a laptop, cash, and cards, supporting his participation in the card skimming ring.

Investigators have since learned that card skimmers were placed on gas pumps in Lynnfield, Taunton, Randolph, Raynham and a number of other locations.

“Skimming equipment was recovered from some, but not all, of these gas stations,” Secret Service agents shared.

Image via Flickr/UCSD San Diego Jacobs School