BOSTON - Currently, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is in the middle of celebrating its 150th anniversary and they have been pulling out all the stops to commemorate the remarkable occasion. Just this past week, on Wednesday, admission to the museum was free in an effort to encourage people who have always wanted to visit the museum but have never been able to find the means to do so. It went over swimmingly!

The day of free admission happened to coincide with an exhibit in the museum that celebrates Black History Month. The exhibit was curated entirely by students and included paintings and photographs, among other mediums of art. The curation came from middle schoolers who were harassed in a racially-targeted manner, per an NBC Boston report.

But the fun does not stop there with the MFA’s centennial and a half festivities. They are making a big push this spring by putting the entire collection of Claude Monet artworks on display. From April 18 to August 23, all thirty-five of the oil paintings in the possession of the MFA will be on display in the artful halls. They will be joined by six paintings on loan from other art curators. It is estimated to be one of the largest art exhibits dedicated entirely to the works of Monet outside of France.

The display has been shown on a rotating basis and this is the first time it will be able to be viewed in full in 25 years. The exhibit is entitled, “Monet and Boston: Lasting Impression” and it will be a must-attend, not just for all local art lovers, but for all Bostonians. Personally, Monet’s series of paintings of water lilies ranks as my favorite. I’ve seen one in the MET in New York before, but I might have to make the trip to Boston to bask in the glory of Boston’s inclusion.

A retrospective of Monet’s entire career will be a part of the 150th celebration, but these paintings should provide a glimpse into the world’s great artists as best as the MFA can.

Image via Wikimedia Commons