Boston, MA - Last year, at Boston Logan International Airport, a man by the name of Robert N. Kenny headed to the airport to catch a flight back to San Francisco. According to Mass Live, Kenny was carrying with him a backpack stuffed with approximately $50,000 in cash. Authorities were called over to the scene to seize the money, and whether the money is to be kept by the government or not has become a legal battle.

From the government’s point of view, the money looks as if it was obtained through illegally selling drugs. However, Kenny and his lawyers state that authorities have no proof that the money appeared from a criminal act. On May 1, 2018, the legal battle started.

According to Mass Live, U.S. Drug Enforcement Special Agent David X. O’Neil had been one of the officials to approach the scene involving Kenny and the cash. O’Neil had stated that the money smelled like fresh unburnt marijuana. That’s when Kenny was asked to accompany Banik and Logan Airport Task Force member Detective Lt. Thomas Coffey to an interview room. Kenny agreed to follow the gentlemen after they stated that he would not be under arrest, therefore he would be able to leave whenever he chose to.

When asked about the cash, Kenny stated that he was a chief executive officer for a San Francisco company known as Royal Supply. The company’s slogan was, “We’ve got what you need, except the weed,” according to Mass Live. Kenny went on further to state that his company aimed to be a leader in the product packaging market.

When authorities checked out the company’s inventory lists, they found that items like vape supplies, glass containers, and pill vials were amongst the things that were carried.

Authorities went further to ask Kenny why he had been in Boston, to which Kenny responded he was meeting a business contact known as “Chris.” Investigators claimed that this “Chris” was potentially a man familiar to the DEA, known to be a marijuana trafficker.

Kenny claimed that the reason he was carrying so much cash via airplane was that there were no branches in Massachusetts for the bank he typically went to. Shortly after the interview, the money was taken away and hidden in an office. Trooper Christopher Coscia then came into the office with his drug detection dog, Felix, only to find that Felix sniffed out the money right away.

The investigation is still ongoing, and it has not yet been stated where the money will go from here.