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Miss Massachusetts Contestant Turns In Crown Over #MeToo Debate

Miss Massachusetts Contestant Turns In Crown Over #MeToo Debate

Plymouth, MA - Miss Massachusetts USA is a pageant competition that gives the winning woman the opportunity to be the representative for the state of Massachusetts in the Miss USA pageant-- a beauty pageant that has been held every year since 1952, as another pathway to the Miss Universe pageant-- the international beauty pageant. The pageant was owned by the current United States President Donald Trump from the years of 1996 to 2015.

Many have suggested that the U.S. President is not the biggest supporter of the #MeToo campaign; an international movement against the systematic sexual harassment and assault that takes place in our world. The #MeToo movement began in October 2017, as a hashtag used on social media to raise awareness of how prevalent this problem is, in various structures like the work place.

Maude Gorman was a contestant in the Miss Massachusetts pageant that has recently resigned, giving up hope for the crown in the name of equality. She resigned after an event on June 30th, when one of the emcee's performed a skit that mocked the #MeToo movement. In the skit, there was a joke about how we must be coming near to our last swimsuit competition and using #MeToo as a response. Her Instagram post regarding her can be seen pictured below, where she resigns from the title of Miss Plymouth County 2018 and the pageant as a whole, stating "as both a survivor, and advocate for victims rights and sexual violence on a whole, I refuse to stand ildly by and simply "let this go"."

The Miss Massachusetts organization has since apologized for the skit, saying the board did not approve it and “Moving forward, we will review all content with future emcees and other participants prior to our show to be sure offensive or potentially offensive content is not allowed.”