BOSTON - This weird weather summer continued on Wednesday, when a July full of record-breaking temperatures and tornadoes came to a fitting conclusion as a pair of microbursts rolled through the city, leaving many flights scheduled to depart out of Logan grounded for a significant period of time.

With wind blowing across the Logan Airport airfield at roughly 60 knots, the feeling was akin to that of a small tornado meets a summer downpour. The microburst also brought heavy rains, spurts of lightning, thunderstorms, and flash flooding. Not only could planes not take off in microburst conditions, but the scattered debris on runways meant further delays.

Many of the passengers remarked that the airport was accommodating for all missed connections and potential flight rebookings after passengers were either delayed or asked to deplane. The delay only lasted 90 minutes, which is honestly pretty good for an airport.

Around the rest of the state, over 12,000 homes were without power as a result of the extreme weather. Fortunately, it’s nothing the city can’t handle.