Boston, MA - Boston Common is said to get an honorary memorial for the love and legacy Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott left behind.

It’s only right that the memorial is placed in Boston, especially considering Martin Luther King Jr. became a civil rights movement leader in the town. King moved to Boston in 1951, where he earned his doctorate in systematic theology at Boston University. While he attended the school, he fell deeply in love with Coretta Scott, as well as with his passion for leadership.

According to Paul English, Martin Luther King Jr. really established his identity as a great thinker, a philosopher, and a religious icon in the city of Boston. English is the founder of several companies, including Kayak. What he is most recently known for, however, is his ability to find and develop what is known as MLK Boston, a nonprofit organization helping the city of Boston to build the honorary memorial for King and Scott.

The memorial is to focus on what both King and Scott gave to the world:

  • King’s ability to lead the people into a civil rights movement as well as his ability to fall in love with a magnificent woman
  • Scott’s ability to fight for world peace and social justice as well as her ability to fall in love with a magnificent man

Being together made the two more powerful than they ever could have been alone.

Creating a memorial for the Kings on the Common will ensure that the two leaders have their rightful place in Boston’s history.

Reverend Walker came forward to comment on the memorial. Walker states that having a memorial that honors King will remind everyone that his mission is not yet fulfilled; there is still work to do.

The memorial will serve as only one part of MLK Boston’s plan to honor the couple. As for future plans, an education center is in the works amongst other things.

The leader of the nonprofit organization, English, hopes to raise approximately $15 million for future projects. So far, they’ve raised approximately $4.5 million. Any and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to donate to the cause.