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Medford Ladder Truck Missed Several Calls While Hanging Holiday Decorations

Medford Ladder Truck Missed Several Calls While Hanging Holiday Decorations

Medford, MA - Firefighters from Medford, Massachusetts are upset as their ladder truck was pulled from service to accommodate the hanging of holiday decorations, instead.

Medford Firefighter Eddie Buckley came forward in an interview to talk about the matter. According to Buckley, the firefighter’s department already has had few ladder trucks in recent weeks. He was upset that another truck had to be pulled out of service to decorate the town with decorations.

One ladder truck is out due to it having to be serviced. Boston Fire Department has reached out to Medford to loan their firefighters a ladder truck for the time being. Medford currently only has one ladder truck that is their own in operation.

Buckley stated in his interview that the ladder truck was pulled out of service for approximately four hours to help hang holiday lights.

What’s worse is that during those four hours, the fire department missed several emergency calls. In other words, the truck missed calls that it was supposed to respond to first. Specifically speaking, the Medford fire department received 8 missed calls and 2 accidents that the ladder truck was unable to respond to during the four hours. This forced stations from other towns to answer the calls and go and help those in need.

In response to this situation, the state fire union responded with, “in a fire, seconds not minutes matter, and by taking a fire truck off duty to hang holiday lights, the city is putting everyone in danger.”

The mayor was later interviewed and asked as to why the truck and crew were pulled out of service to hang holiday decorations. The interview also spoke about what the mayor is going to do to replace the trucks that are already not in service. The mayor responded, claiming he did not think he put anyone in danger. According to him, assistance is asked for and granted every year. The fire chief made the decision to help the city.

The firefighters may be asked to help take the decorations down at the end of the season. If so, some men have already stated they will most likely refuse the request, and in turn may be suspended.