BOSTON – One of the biggest stories in Boston this year has been the absolute disaster path of the MBTA. From extreme delays to frequent derailments, anyone hoping that the MBTA would be a reliable form of public transportation for daily activities like work has been sorely disappointed with bad news followed by more bad news.

Back in June, Governor Charlie Baker made his intentions clear that he wanted to improve the MBTA and its many lines as quickly as possible. It seemed that Baker was interested in doing whatever it took to fix the problems with the MBTA, as it was becoming a thorn in the side of every Massachusetts resident.

Now, we are beginning to see the early stages of what these plans for expediency include and it seems as if drastic times are calling for drastic measures in Massachusetts.

In a meeting that is being held today, the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board will mull over (and hopefully come to a decision on) the plan that Massachusetts officials have proposed to shut down different sections of the T on weekends to expedite the process of fixing the problems with the MBTA, primarily on the Red and Green Lines. The Orange Line would be closed on weekends first and would take the least amount of time.

Definitely a huge hassle for many, but it seems like it may be a necessary evil to finish the MBTA improvements by the end of the year. Long weekend and holiday shutdowns would also be included as a part of this proposal.

The MBTA is planning to provide a shuttle for passengers affected by this interruption and, frankly, as long as enough notice is given to the riders of the MBTA, then this is probably a good decision. The MBTA is in such dire straits that it has to get worse before it gets better. They might as well commit to the overhaul at this point.

Image via Flickr / Eric Fischer