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MBTA Buses to Honor Rosa Parks Every February; New Bill Approved

MBTA Buses to Honor Rosa Parks Every February; New Bill Approved

Boston, MA - Beginning in 2019, all MBTA buses will be paying their respect to the civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, every February.

All MBTA buses will display an honorary sticker or other designation in remembrance of the work Rosa Parks and the the other members of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Every February going forward, the busses will be assigned their specific designation to display. The bill was approved by the House on Thursday, August 16, 2018.

Initially, the bill (S 2410) was sponsored by Milton’s Senator Walter Timilty. In June, the bill was endorsed by the Transportation Committee. Finally, the bill was passed through the Senate and approved with absolutely no discussion on the matter on July 16, 2018. Voters of the Senate quickly decided that this was the right move to make.

The honorary respect is granted to Rosa Parks for her refusal to give up her bus seat in December of 1955 on a Montgomery, Alabama bus line. The Caucasian passenger that requested the seat was in awe when Rosa Parks denied the request, but the African American men and women boarding the bus were grateful for the courage Parks had displayed.

That day started the yearlong bus boycott in Montgomery. The boycott ended after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregation as unconstitutional on any form of public transportation.

Now, during each Black History month (every February), the T’s buses will be acknowledging all of the accomplishments Rosa Parks fought tooth and nail to achieve during that singular year. The T’s buses are going as far as to display recognition through an LED display that will be seen in the front left window of each bus.

A few years back, in 2005, Rosa Park’s protest reached its 50th anniversary. On that day in 2005, approximately 200 MBTA buses draped banners showing pictures of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks is a woman of honor. She dedicated her protests to a great cause and expected a great outcome, which she had. To this day, we remember her acts of courage. To this day, she should be recognized for all that she accomplished, and so she shall.