Boston, MA - Mayor Marty Walsh proposed a bill which has been widely seen as a new rent control measure which could further protect elderly tenants in Boston, but landlords and developers oppose the idea.

In a city brimming with housing complaints from both renters and home owners, Bostonians are ever-cautious when City or State Government officials suggest new legislation. Says MassLandlors' executive director Douglas Quattrochi, "That sounds like rent control ... Limiting increases is a form of rent control and it’ll create a shortage for people to find a place to live if enacted. When someone gets in through rent control the tenants will never leave."

But Boston's housing chief Sheila Dillon and mayor Walsh seem to believe their new bill will protect elderly home owners who are at risk of becoming victims of rising rents in Boston.

"We’re seeing many elders lose their home and ones that they have been able to enjoy for decades, so we feel very strongly this a very, very vulnerable population that needs to be protected,” said Dillon