Boston, MA– Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced on February 16, 2019 that he and his administration will be recommending $34 million to fund approximately 56 projects under the Community Preservation Act. This will include renovation money for areas of the city such as parks, churches, and community centers in Boston and the surrounding communities. The motion still requires approval by the Boston City Council before the funds will be available.

All funding would go directly to structural or integrity issues, according to the Boston Herald. This includes fixing up issues such as stairs, towers, and roofs. It will not include funding for projects related to religious imagery or worship activities. According to officials, the Boston City Council will take a vote on the recommendation sometime in March.

The proposed community improvement projects that would be covered by this funding include the following, according to


-          $5 million to help combat housing displacement situations

-          $3.8 million to assist income-qualified first-time homebuyers


-          $25K to renovate Ringer Park, where many young men and women go

Back Bay:

-          $420K to make restorations on the First Baptist Church steeple

-          $200K to provide restorations for the stairs and surrounding areas on the Arlington Street Church

Beacon Hill:

-          $27K for a seed grant in support of the Esplanade trees

Boston Harbor:

-          $365K to repoint the brick on the Salah Hill building


-          $1 million to build affordable condominiums

-          $200K to restore the Charles River Speedway and turn it into an area that houses restaurants and retail shops, amongst other businesses


-          $500K to restore Memorial Hall

-          $20K to add seating areas and fencing to the public park known as Kelly McGoff Park

-          $6K to add appropriate signs to the Gardens of Charlestown


-          $290K to repair the Chinatown Immigrant Heritage Center

-          $100K the renovate certain sporting areas of the Reggie Wong Memorial Park


-          $850K to build a new playground over at the Joseph Lee K-8 School

-          $790K to continue renovating the Garvey Playground

-          $600K to build a new park near the Lena Park’s affordable housing units

-          $500K to renovate the Pierce Building at Uphams Corner

-          $460K to purchase lots on Norwell Street to build a park and playground

-          $140K to build a new park over at Grove Hall

-          $100K to renovate the Coppens Square

-          $75K to renovate a lot owned by the Farmers Collaborative to grow food


-          $350K to renovate the HVAC system at the Old State House

-          $315K to restore 17th and 18th-century artifacts found under Faneuil Hall

East Boston:

-          $950K to build additional units in the Grace Apartments

-          $735K to build housing units in the Aileron development

-          $600K to build a new playground over at the East Boston Early Education Center

-          $575K to restore the Nantucket Lightship

-          $500K to create a park around the Boston Housing Authority Orient Heights

-          $300K to create a dock and dock house for people to access the sailing program over at LoPresti Park

Hyde Park:

-          450K to build exercise areas at the Thomas M. Menino YMCA

-          $350K to make reparations to the First Congregational Church

-          $20K to create a sitting area at the Hyde Park Library

Jamaica Plain:

-          $498K to build a playground near the Martha Eliot Health Center


-          $400K to finish designing the Charlesgate Park


-          $1 million to build more living units at the Morton Station Village development

-          $680K to renovate the track and field over at the Norfolk Park

-          $135K to transition vacant land on Flint Street into an urban farm

Mission Hill:

-          $927K to build more housing units at the Terrace Street Artist Condominiums

-          $850K to make restorations to the Sociedad Latina

North End:

-          $1.9 million to create more apartments over at the Knights of Columbus

-          $1 million to add sea level rise mitigation features to the Langone Park


-          $500K to link Roslindale Square and Forest Hills


-          $1.7 million to construct more housing units at the Bartlett Station Lot D

-          $1 million to add units to the Rio Grande Project

-          $850K to replace the roof over at the Abbotsford

-          $850K to make restorations at the Dr. Marie E. Zakrzewska Building

-          $500K to stabilize the former St. James African Orthodox Church

-          $150K to create a green link connecting Highland Park, Marcella Field, and Jackson Square T station

-          $100K to stabilize the Ralph Adam Cram structure

-          $45K to restore the Charles St. AME

-          $35K to construct a passive park at the Paula Titus Park

South End:

-          $400K to create a community food pantry at Union United

-          $146K to renovate Peters Park

-          $136K make the Haley House safe

West End:

-          $400K to restore the tower at the Old West