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Police Blocked At Community Center: Mayor Walsh ‘Concerned’

Police Blocked At Community Center: Mayor Walsh ‘Concerned’

Boston, MA - Mayor Martin J. Walsh stated in an interview yesterday that he was ‘concerned’ after finding out police officers were barred from entering the Dewitt Community Center on Ruggles Street to help a fellow officer under attack.

Walsh told The Herald yesterday that any time a police officer is trying to do his/her job, no one should stand in their way, no matter what.

Mayor Walsh was extremely upset due to the circumstances that played out last Thursday at the Dewitt Center. According to officials, the administrators at the community center not only barred police officers from entering the facility, they also allowed officers to get hurt with no aid to help. Because of this, Walsh is looking to have a discussion with the administrators over at the community center.

The scenario played out on Thursday as follows: Two undercover police officers were following a teen suspect when the suspect and another youth turned to go into the Dewitt Center in Roxbury. According to officials, the 15-year-old suspect had a search warrant out related to a gun investigation. Once the officers followed the two into the Dewitt Center, the two fled to a nearby classroom.

As the officers entered the center, one grabbed the teen suspect while the other found himself under assault. Officers claimed the two teenagers began pushing and physically assaulting the officers in an attempt to get away. The officer that grabbed the suspect ended up detaining him and controlling the situation. The other officer ran after the 16-year-old friend of the suspect and found himself tumbling down a staircase in an attempt to stop the youth from running away. That’s when the teenager started kicking the police officer in the face and chest repeatedly.

While this entire situation played out, all other police officers were barred from entering the center. Once they finally were allowed in, they subdued the 16-year-old that was attacking the fellow officer and found a .22 caliber revolver in his backpack.

Supposedly, police claim the front desk worker was scared of getting in trouble with her boss, and that’s why she didn’t let the officers in initially. She had already been reprimanded for letting the first two undercover cops through the doors. The center is now reviewing all of their security policies.

Both undercover officers were transported to the local hospital with no life-threatening injuries.