BOSTON - Now that Ford v. Ferrari, the new racing movie starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, has finally opened in theaters, it seems like Damon's press tour has finally come to an end. But as one of Massachusetts' own, what a fun press tour it was! Many stories were shared about Damon's experiences growing up in the Boston area, as he appeared on Ellen and Conan, and many other junkets.

But perhaps the best Damon appearance for sports fans came when he joined The Bill Simmons Podcast on The Ringer Podcast Network for the second time. Damon appeared last October to chat with Simmons, also known as the "Boston sports guy," but he didn't have anything to promote at the time. With Ford v. Ferrari making a big splash at the box office and receiving immense critical acclaim, rejoining with Simmons to talk about the movie and about the duo's shared love of Boston sports was a no-brainer.

And Damon told some excellent stories throughout!

He revealed that he has seen every Super Bowl the New England Patriots have played in, no matter what time it is when he is in another country for it. For example, he was overseas filming The Bourne Supremacy when the Patriots faced off against the Carolina Panthers in the 2003-04 Super Bowl. The scene he was filming the next day called for Damon to look weary and dead-eyed so his solution was to stay up all night to watch the game, since the time zone mostly allowed for this anyway. Fortunately, it resulted in a win.

Damon also remarked that he would love to throw the ball around with Tom Brady, but he has no idea if he is planning to retire. Though, Damon does miss having Rob Gronkowski on the team, when speaking of retirement.

While it was also lovely to hear Damon wax poetic about baseball and his love of the Boston Red Sox, his best story definitely came when he recounted the 2008 NBA Finals.

Damon said that he was court side for game four of those Finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. The fourth game, of course, was when the Celtics came back from a twenty-four point deficit in Los Angeles to win, thanks to Paul Pierce's heroics. Sitting next to Mark Wahlberg, Damon said he was cheering on the Celtics very loudly, which prompted Lakers coach Phil Jackson to approach him and yell, "Sit down and shut the f— up!"

I could listen to Damon talk about Boston sports all day, especially when it comes at the expense of rivals like the Lakers.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons