Boston, MA– The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) officially announced the launch of a major construction project starting on April 1st. This project’s goal is to “rehabilitate the surface” of the Tobin Bridge by 2021. While construction is underway for the next two years, drivers can expect lane closures on the bridge and around the Chelsea Curves section of Route 1. MassDOT says that though this may interfere with daily commutes in the short-term, Boston commuters will see traffic improvements on the bridge after the construction is completed.

Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes whenever possible, as increased travel times should be expected during construction. At the beginning of the project, one of the three northbound travel lanes on the Tobin Bridge will be closed during daytime hours. At night, two of the three northbound lanes will be closed. After the project has been underway for about a month, during the first couple of weeks of May, officials anticipate that southbound lanes in the Chelsea Curves area will also be closed, with one lane closed in each of the northbound and southbound directions during the daytime. Overnight, only one lane will be open in both directions.

Boston 25 News reports that Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver thanked travelers for “...their patience as MassDOT begins this necessary project.” Gulliver continued his statement by claiming that commuters should consider using public transit. If commuters decide on a different route, Gulliver advised using technology apps to prepare travel plans, including the best times to travel. Due to the major construction taking place in the upcoming months, MassDOT also urges commuters to keep in mind that extra time should be allowed for travel on the Tobin Bridge and Chelsea Curves areas of Route 1.

Construction on the Tobin Bridge and the Chelsea Curves areas will be going on simultaneously, with the project expected to finish up in 2021. The announcement from MassDOT explained: “If the projects were done at separate times, drivers would be inconvenienced for additional years.”

The construction project will be from the Chelsea side of the Tobin Bridge through the Chelsea Curves to the County Road overpass. This two-mile area of highway is typically traveled by over 60,000 people daily. So we might be seeing our "aggressive drivers" ranking trending upward soon.

Image via Wikimedia user Chensiyuan