PLYMOUTH - If you are looking for a prime getaway to experience during the new year of 2020, then look no further than your very own backyard! That’s right, according to a list compiled by the preeminent Forbes publication, two Massachusetts locations have been named among the twenty-five best places to travel in the United States in the new year by the organization.

Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth are the two Massachusetts representatives on the list of the top twenty-five. The upscale “hideaway for celebs” that is Martha’s Vineyard made the list because of its top entries into such industries as art and food. Plymouth made the list because of the forthcoming 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower voyage celebrations that will fall over the community. They are both perfect selections for travel destinations in 2020!

Also included in the list were such locations as New Orleans, Louisiana, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Additionally, a number of studies have also been conducted about the quality of the flights, in general. If you feel like making the trek to Plymouth or Martha’s Vineyard and you don’t happen to be from New England or the northeast, then you will likely need to take a flight to the areas. And what can you expect to see on those flights? In one such research result, conducted by Fortune rather than Forbes, it was revealed what the top-watched movies on JetBlue and Southwest flights were throughout the course of 2019.

After all, as one year comes into view for air travelers, it is always pleasant to look back on the year that was. And according to the information provided by the most popular air travelers, A Star Is Born, the 2018 musical remake with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, was the top film of choice for flyers of JetBlue and Southwest. Rounding out the lists were such movies as Aquaman, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Captain Marvel.

As someone who flew a lot in 2019, I can say that I definitely saw many people watching A Star Is Born, but I also saw a lot of people watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Think of that what you will as you prepare to experience all that Massachusetts has to offer to far-away travelers!

Image via Wikimedia Commons