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Massachusetts State Troopers Receive Pensions After being Arrested

Massachusetts State Troopers Receive Pensions After being Arrested

Boston, MA - This past Wednesday, June 28, 2018, three Massachusetts state troopers were arrested due to federal embezzlement charges. On Friday, June 30, 2018, two of the three troopers started receiving their pension checks.

The three state troopers that were arrested were Gary Herman, a 45-year-old man from Chester, Paul Cesan, a 50-year-old man from Southwick, and David Wilson, a 57-year-old man from Charlton.

After some investigation, Herman has been suspected of committing the alleged overtime abuse scandal. On the other hand, Cesan and Wilson retired earlier this year. However, they are still under investigation, too. All three were escorted to court on Friday morning, after being arrested on Wednesday right from their homes.

This past Friday, Cesan and Wilson received their first pension checks. Cesan will continue to earn $6,639.43 each month and Wilson will continue to receive $8,791.02 each month. As of now, the state retirement board is unable to withhold money from the troopers, due to the fact that the money earned in the pensions has absolutely nothing to do with overtime pay. Pension pay is strictly given to troopers based on salary pay.

Even still, if the state retirement board were to attempt to take even a fraction of the check away from the troopers, it would start to become a complicated legal issue. Until the troopers are proven guilty, and that is if they are proven guilty, they will continue to have access to their entire check.

The investigation is still ongoing, and as of late Monday afternoon, there have been 40 current or retired troopers found to be put under investigation. Governor Charlie Baker willingly states his opinion on the matter by saying that anyone found guilty in this investigation should have any and all pensions canceled.

For now, a federal grand jury will be taking care of the matter in order to bring justice to the case. Until troopers are found guilty, officers like Cesan and Wilson will continue to get their pensions. For now, this only includes 7 other men, but the state retirement board is still processing applications.