Lowell, MA– Massachusetts State Police trooper Robert A. Sundberg III has been sentenced to 10-15 years in prison for the rape of a fellow state trooper who was also his ex-girlfriend.

The 48-year-old had already been fired from his post as a state trooper, and was sentenced just yesterday in the Lowell Superior Court by Judge Heidi Breiger, MassLive reports.

A jury found him guilty last week of two counts of rape, strangulation, stalking, assault with intent to rape, five counts of assault and battery on a household or family member, three counts of assault and battery, and malicious damage of a motor vehicle.

This all stemmed from a dangerous obsession he developed concerning his ex-girlfriend. He was first arrested after the victim reported she was attacked at his home in Boxborough in April 2016. Prosecutors claimed that the assault that day fit into a longer history of abuse by Sundberg towards the female trooper.

According to the Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, Sundberg and the victim began dating in 2010, but this quickly developed into a toxic relationship: “In the years that followed the defendant would routinely monitor the victim’s phone and consistently questioned her communications with others," the statement read. "The defendant on multiple occasions became angry at the victim and physically assaulted her by punching, kicking and strangling her. The defendant also used physical force to coerce the victim into engaging in non-consensual sexual acts.”

The state police have acted quickly and sternly in this case, immediately suspending him when he was arrested and being very clear about how they feel about these actions: “We have absolutely no tolerance for domestic violence, and hope this case makes clear that any such allegations will be swiftly and decisively investigated,” a state police spokesman said after Sundberg’s conviction.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Emw