BOSTON - WalletHub recently conducted a survey ranking each state's public school systems, and while obviously, education is not a competition, surveys like this are helpful in helping evaluate which states need more federal assistance to bolster their educational systems.

Massachusetts has a lot to be proud of in regards to WalletHub’s recent survey. For the second straight year, our home state ranks number one overall in terms of the nation’s best states for education. Massachusetts came first in reading test scores, math test scores, and lowest in percentage of students who feel threatened at school. Massachusetts also finished high in other categories regarding test-taking ability and student safety. Obviously, test-taking ability is a problematic way to evaluate student success, especially when so much of it is dependent on the amount of funding school systems receive. But, at the very least, Massachusetts is succeeding at the goals that exist for the state to succeed in.

Rounding out the top five in WalletHub’s survey are many other eastern states: second place belongs to New Jersey with Connecticut in third, Virginia in fourth, and Vermont in fifth. As for the state that finished last, that would be New Mexico.

As someone who attended public school in Massachusetts, I can definitely say that my experience was a fruitful one, but we can always strive to be better and do right by the youth of our nation. After all, Massachusetts may be first, but the U.S. ranks seventeenth out of forty positions globally for education, per The Learning Curve. There is always room for improvement.