Boston, MA - From August 11th to 12th, Massachusetts residents can take advantage of tax savings on a number of purchases. Consumers can buy items tax free both in retail store and online, though online order must be completed and paid for on one of the two tax holidays. In fact, there are few exceptions which will be taxed during this period.

Any individual item priced below $2,500 is exempt from taxes throughout this weekend, but vehicle purchases, such as cars, trucks, and boats will still be taxed. Additionally, tobacco, marijuana, food, and utilities are also not included in the tax holiday, according to

This means that clothing, which already is sales tax exempt up to $175, will be tax free up to the $2,500 item price mentioned above.

Items purchased on layaway are not eligible for this savings, but purchases made on items which are not in stock are, in fact still admissable.

As a result of these savings, many online have indicated that school supplies are at the top of their weekend shopping lists, but as the savings apply to a wide variety of product categories, the opportunity to save money are far reaching.