This past week, a Massachusetts reporter resigned from his journalist duties due to falsely suggesting something that shouldn’t have been suggested.

The reporter that resigned from his job this past week was at fault for tweeting a comment regarding the deadly shooting that recently occurred at a Maryland newspaper location. Said reporter claimed to have stated that the shooter was wearing a hat that said, “Make America Great Again.” The famous saying was assumed to be an inspiration to the shooter on behalf of Donald Trump. The assumption, however, was hardly true.

Conor Berry, writer and journalist from the Republican newspaper located in Springfield, claims that he is deeply sorry for suggesting said information. He has apologized to the public and hopes that he has not tarnished the current and future reputation of journalists throughout the United States and other countries. All of this, and more, was shown to the public this past Friday, in his resignation letter. Unfortunately, Berry’s 21-year career has come to a surprising halt, after one very stupid mistake. Berry deeply regrets the words he has said to hurt anyone and wishes that he could take it all back.

To get into specifics for a moment, Berry had tweeted an image of a red hat that seemed a tad familiar, and claimed that the shooter, Jarrod Ramos, had placed the hat on The Capitol Gazette’s newsroom just prior to beginning the shooting. Just after he had assumedly placed the “Make America Great Again” hat on the floor, Ramos took out his weapon and shot until he killed five innocent people.

The tweet is no longer present on Twitter. It was taken down immediately after some offended citizens called, complained, and voiced their concerns.

The executive editor, Wayne Phaneuf, over at the newspaper known as the Republican, has come forward to say that journalists alike need to be more careful of what they say on and off social media networks from here on out. Journalists must be accurate in their statements and they must understand what they are saying to the public, Phaneuf also states. Especially considering Trump assumes most writers produce only, “fake news.”