Cambridge, MA - After two new national rankings were recently released, the Bay State has two new reasons to call itself one of the smartest place to live. The first listing ordered all US states from best to worst places to have a baby. Released by WalletHub, this hierarchy was determined by 26 different factors, each contributing to the degree of ease with which an infant can live and be taken care of in a given state.

Some of these elements included infant mortality rates, average yearly costs of early childhood care, newborn screening fees, hospital quality, availability of prenatal care, birth rates, child-care centers per capita, and family-friendliness. Massachusetts ranked second, with one of smallest infant mortality rates in the country. This is an improvement from last year’s ranking, where MA placed 6th on the list, with Vermont in first place and Minnesota in second.

All states in New England made the top 20, and all but two (Rhode Island and Maine) made the top 10. Vermont maintained its first place ranking from 2017, with the number one lowest infant mortality rates in the country.

The second national ranking was put out by the US News and World Health Report with their official list of the best US hospitals for the 2018-2019 year. The publication annually ranks hospitals by overall quality (in their Honor Roll list), as well as by specific divisions, and by state. The Honor Roll list is determined based on high rankings in specific divisions, along with ratings of high performance for certain operations and ailments.

Massachusetts placed two hospitals in the top 20 Honor Roll list, with Massachusetts General Hospital ranking 4th best in the country and Brigham and Women’s Hospital ranking 20th best. Both hospitals are Boston-based; Mass General ranked high in 16 national specialty divisions while Brigham and Women’s ranked high in nine. Ten hospitals from Bay State placed nationally for one or more special divisions, including endocrinology, psychiatry, and cancer.

The top four hospitals in the state ranking for Massachusetts were, respectively, Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, Baystate Medical Center, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.