Boston, MA– There are a decent amount of young people in my neighborhood. On the first nice Saturday of this year, I saw people jogging, walking their dogs, or on their way back from a massive brunch. It's a pretty good place to live if, like me, you're of the millennial generation, broadly defined as those born between 1980 and 2000.

Apparently, there's another state-ranking study which concludes that Massachusetts is actually the best place for millennials to be. This study, like all such rankings, is 100% objectively factual with no margin of error.

Massachusetts ranked #1 in best state for millennials to live in, with 66.65 points, just beating out Washington D.C. who managed 66.04 points. Rounding out the top 5 were Washington state at #3, Minnesota at #4, and Wisconsin at #5. Wondering where  California and New York are? So was I. They came in at #10 and #14, respectively.

Okay, so other than our state's friendly attitude toward physical fitness, cute dogs, and trendy brunch spots, what makes Massachusetts so great for the millennial generation? Well, let's start with what it's not great at: affordability. In that category, we ranked #24, which makes sense. Massachusetts is not a cheap place to live. The rent is fairly high, going out to a restaurant isn't cheap, and the T keeps getting more expensive.

In civic engagement, we came in at a respectable #16. This is measured by millennial voter turnout and our volunteer rate. If you're a millennial in MA, start volunteering and go vote in the next election, for godsake.

Alright, enough talk about what we didn't do well. Time to shine.

Massachusetts was #3 in the country in the category of Economic Health. Basically, this measured how many millennials are moving to MA for work, how much money the average millennial makes, and what our unemployment rate looks like. We were very strong in all those categories, and if you consider the amount of young wealthy people riding around Cambridge on their expensive road bikes, it makes sense.

Next up, Massachusetts was#2 in the country for Quality of Life. This sounds like my earlier observation about people jogging and walking dogs and getting brunch. The parameters used to evaluate quality of life seem a bit strange to me, but here they are: total number of millennials living here, the percentage of us who live with our parents, how single-friendly we are, and how family-friendly we are. Not sure if those are the best indicators for quality of life, but they are some.

Lastly, Massachusetts earned the rank of #1 in the country in the areas of Education and Health. We're wicked smaht and wicked healthy. To determine the rankings, WalletHub asked a lot of questions: how many millennials have a high school degree, how many have health insurance, how many have diagnosed depression, how many are overweight, how many smoke cigarettes, how many visited a doctor last year? The fact that we have like 7 months of intensely cold and dark winter, and we still aren't depressed, is really impressive. People must be taking their vitamin D supplements.

So, next time your friend is begging you to move to LA or NYC or D.C., just show them this and maybe they'll rethink a few things. Massachusetts is #1, see?

Image via Flickr / Chase Elliott Clark