Boston, MA - As of December 31, 2018, the state’s new smoking law has officially gone into effect. The legal age to purchase cigarettes in Massachusetts is no longer 18+. Now, it has banned all people from ages 18-20 from purchasing smokes and/or related products, with the result meaning you have to be 21+ to buy cigarettes, lighters, etc.

Two additional laws related to the matter have also been put into play as of December 31st. New laws are stated below:

-          All pharmacies in the state of Massachusetts are no longer allowed to sell tobacco products

-          Areas of Massachusetts that are labeled non-smoking will continue to be non-smoking, with an added ban of e-cigarettes in such areas

The law has officially been implemented as of this past Monday. Approximately 14 years ago, Needham became the first town in the United States to put this law into play, banning those 20 years of age and younger from purchasing tobacco and related products.

Other factors have been considered throughout the decision-making process to change this specific law. According to lawmakers, the use of any tobacco product/related product will also be prohibited on school grounds. This law will be applicable to any school, whether private or public.

The state would like everyone to keep in mind that if a person had turned 18 prior to December 31, 2018, they will still be allowed to purchase cigarettes and related products without any problems. The only way this will not be possible is if the person lives in a city or town that has already been requiring people to be 21+ in order to purchase the product(s).

Throughout Massachusetts, there are approximately 190 urban administrative divisions that have risen their tobacco age to 21+.

As of now, Massachusetts is said to be one of six states in the U.S. to raise the tobacco-purchasing age. Out of all New England states, Massachusetts and Maine are the only two that have implemented this new law.

No commentary has been made regarding the matter from the public yet. An uproar has not occurred.