MILLBURY - One of the most popular spots to visit for people living in central Massachusetts right on the immediate outset of the greater Boston area is The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, an outdoor, double-decker strip mall that features many popular restaurants, stores, and movie theater screens. As someone who has been there myself, I can attest that it takes practically no time for Blackstone Valley, located in Millbury, Massachusetts, to heat up the cars that take up the parking lot of the mall.

Sheila Parslow, a 38 year old Massachusetts woman, was arrested over the weekend after being accused of leaving her child, a kid of just 15 months of age, in a car at Blackstone Valley for an undetermined amount of time. As reported by the Telegram, the charges levied against Parslow were child endangerment and drug possession and she will experience her first courtroom dalliance this week.

Per the Millbury police, they were made aware that a child had been left in a car by a customer who walked by and saw the 15 month old. While officers were attempting to break open the car window, which was rolled up and locked, Parslow was said to have returned from the store, after which she was promptly arrested. Currently, the child remains in the custody of another family member, but emergency responders determined that the child did not need to seek further medical attention at a hospital, which is definitely a relief.

Parslow will be summoned to the Worcester District Court.