BOSTON - A new report found that Massachusetts ranked as the 24th most generous state in America. Number one on the list was Minnesota. Upon hearing this, I, like many Bostonians, was dubious. But our economy is so strong and we have so many non-profits. How can that be? I decided to check the facts and see what the deal is. 

Let's start on the positive side. Massachusetts ranks 3rd in the country for most charities per capita. As I said earlier, for the size of our population, we've got a whole lot of charities. 

So where did we go wrong?

Truthfully, it's complicated. But let's start here:

Accoring to this chart, Massachusetts is the 5th richest state in the country. Our problem is, with all this wealth, proportianally, we don't always give as much as we could. Even more worrying, we aren't in the top 5 for any other major category. Highest volunteer rate? Not in there. Highest percent of donated income? Not in there. Highest percent of people who donate money or time? Not in either of those. Collecting and distributing food? Not in there either. 

Simply put, we have loads of charities and loads of money, but proportianally speaking we are severely underperfoming.  

It's worth noting that a lot of states who do well here are smaller ones, whose data can be skewed because of it. Meaning, we still have loads of charitable people, but Utah has a population of 3 million, whereas we have a population of nearly 7 million. 

However, that's not an excuse. With our strong economy and highly educated population we should be much, much higher in these rankings. Here's an article with some cool campaigns that you can donate to today and start getting us up the list!

Image Via Wikimedia Commons