BOSTON – Celebrities! They're just like us! That is, if you consider Charlie Baker, the 72nd governor of Massachusetts, to be a celebrity and if you count riding one of the trains of the MBTA one time as "slumming it like the rest of us city folk," then yes! Charlie Baker is just like us!

Yes, Governor Baker actually did spend time yesterday on the red line train of the MBTA, finally putting his money where his mouth was after months of talking about how the public transportation systems in Boston had to be improved upon and had to do better. He could talk the talk pretty well as he managed to concoct a slew of quality solutions to the problems, but now we are seeing him walk the walk. Even if that walk is only comprised of baby steps.

This monumental occurrence of Baker actually riding the T was first made apparent by Twitter user Amanda Bohne when she tweeted out a picture of Baker riding the red line.

Later, the story was picked up in full by The Boston Globe and we learned more about what Baker was hoping to glean from his ride through Massachusetts' public transport trains.

Per the Globe, Baker embarked onto the red line at 8:40 in the morning so he could endure a commute lasting roughly a half hour as the train took him to Quincy for the unveiling of the MBTA's new stop, Wollaston Station. A renovation that took over a year and a half to complete finally came to an end this summer at Wollaston as improved means of transport have given the people of Quincy full access to the red line. Baker was just on hand for the ceremonial ribbon cutting of the event.

In addition to this, Baker was also taking the time on the train to advocate for the changes, closures, and delays that MBTA passengers have been experiencing lately, basically citing them as a necessary evil for the transport systems to be fully back in track. Once these times of hardship are weathered, it should be smooth sailing, he says. Baker assures that all is going according to plan.

Though, after actually experiencing the MBTA, he might want to accelerate some of those projects.

Image via Twitter @MassGovernor