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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Ranked One of the World’s Greatest Leaders

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Ranked One of the World’s Greatest Leaders

Boston, MA– Fortune has included Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on their list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders," ranking him #20 out of 50 global politicians, philanthropists, businesspeople, artists, and other "thinkers/speakers/doers."

Leaders were selected by the magazine for their vision in “transforming the world and inspiring others to do the same.” Governor Charlie Baker's approval ratings are at around 70%, which is remarkably high considering that Baker is a Republican governor leading a liberal state. His reputation for bipartisan compromise makes him an anomaly in an increasingly polarized country. Fortune points to Baker's effectiveness in addressing the state's opioid crisis and other social issues, as well as his green policies.

Baker isn’t the only person from Massachusetts that made the list, either. U.S. Representatives for Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley and Lori Trahan, were also ranked on the list of leaders due to the role they played in “The Pink Wave," which was ranked as a movement at #18 for the 42 newly elected congresswomen taking office in 2019. These women may be new to Congress, but the world has taken note of their impact already.

The sixth annual release of the World's Greatest Leaders list emphasizes the emotional strength and courage of the individuals on the list. Some, like journalist Anna Nimiriano of the South Sudanese newspaper, Juba Monitor, risk their lives and freedom in pursuit of their daily work.

Most of the leaders selected do not literally risk their lives on a daily basis, but the leaders selected this year were highlighted for their qualities of resilience and hardiness of the leaders selected this year. How does the magazine define "hardy"?

"Hardy individuals don’t see the world as threatening or see themselves as powerless against large events; on the contrary, they think change is normal, the world is fascinating, they can influence events, and it’s all an opportunity for personal growth...Decades of research show that hardy individuals just don’t feel stress the way most people do."

Coming in at #1 in the rankings were Bill and Melinda Gates for their philanthropic work through the Gates Foundation which has funded global health initiatives to combat preventable diseases in developing countries.

Several sports figures are also featured on the list: Sean McVay, the coach for the Los Angeles Rams, comes in at #17, three spots ahead of Governor Charlie Baker. Worth noting, McVay and the Rams lost to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

An impressive group of leaders – even if it's a bit American-centric for a self-proclaimed "global" list.