Boston, MA - Approximately five weeks ago, the first non-medicinal marijuana shop opened in the state of Massachusetts, with no major rules or regulations being changed yet. According to the chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission, everything is going well so far; it is still too early to determine if there should be little, if any, change to the laws and regulations put into place for pot shops across the state.

So far so good, in the marijuana industry. According to Steven Hoffman, the CCC chairman, marijuana shops are doing just great in the new and upcoming business, especially considering the drug is in high demand. So much so, that Hoffman is stating that the marijuana chains are doing “blockbuster business.”

The daily, and even weekly, sales have not dwindled away since the grand opening of the first marijuana shop in Massachusetts. It doesn’t stop there, though. Even the lines at all the shops are consistently long on a daily basis. Even though all the businesses are doing very well as of now, it’s still too early to determine what the immediate future has in store for all involved.

Hoffman did come forward to bring the state good news recently. The chairman of the CCC stated that if all keeps going as it has been, the state will be looking at anywhere from four to eight new retail marijuana stores emerging online each month. Over the next few months, the system is said to become more “mature.” On January 10th, the commission will gather together to construct a timeline regarding review and revision dates for the upcoming year of 2019.

Hoffman would like to state that he does not see major changes ahead in the marijuana system. If any, he sees minor tweaks, just in case certain areas need to be improved just a tad more.

During the review process, the CCC will discuss options such as whether home delivery should be an option for those purchasing marijuana. In addition, the matter of whether a designated area could potentially be developed will be brought to the table, such as a cigar bar, but for those who partake of marijuana instead.

This upcoming year will show drastic change for this growing industry, and we’ll be some of the first to see what it brings.