BOSTON - Every week, it seems like there is a new ranking involving Boston. Whether it's romantic restaurants or tourist destinations, there always seems to be a "Top 10" list about some aspect when it comes to living in the city. This week, that honor appears to be given to the U.S. News & World Report, which officially released its list of the best hotels across North America and Europe.

The list of best hotels has been released annually since 2011 and, like many of its similar rankings, the same hotels seem to crop up year after year. Granted, the Boston Harbor Hotel, the Four Seasons, and the Mandarin Oriental, all in Boston, manage to make the report's customer service ranking year after year. These three hotels, in particular, have been given a "gold badge," which signifies consistent top ten placement for such a category.

In the category that specifies the top ten hotels in Massachusetts, these three were all included in the second, fifth, and sixth spots, respectively. Three other Boston hotels managed to crack the top percentile with XV Beacon at four, the Intercontinental at eight, and the Ritz-Carlton at ten.

Nantucket was well-represented with three spots, including the Nantucket Hotel, the Inn at White Elephant, and the Wauwinet. But the only hotel in the top ten from the state to not be from Boston or Nantucket just so happens to be the hotel in the number one spot: the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, which is billed as one of Cape Cod's most luxurious, five-star getaways.

As for the 50 best hotels in the country, as a whole, Massachusetts did not nab placement. However, Twin Farms in Vermont and Ocean House in Rhode Island did manage to represent New England.

Even though it seems like there are multiple surveys every week about the quality of some aspect of living in Boston and in Massachusetts, I suppose that is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, if the surveys are going to continue to come out on such a regular basis, is it not better to see our home state included on as many of them as possible? We can never celebrate our home too much, as Kenny Loggins might say. So congratulations to these ten hotels! Long may they serve as beacons of hospitality across our lovely commonwealth.

Image via Wikimedia Commons