Framingham, MA– Marijuana dispensaries are opening up all over Massachusetts, but there’s one marijuana-related business that could cream the competition. Patch reported on the cannabis-infused ice cream maker Cloud Creamery which has passed an initial round of approval to start operations in the town of Framingham.

Cloud Creamery is owned by David Yusefzadeh, a man who’s spent over 15 years in the restaurant and hotel industry in places like Hong Kong and Chicago. The creamery has proposed the production of marijuana-infused ice cream for Massachusetts hospitals and dispensaries to offer for sale to clients. So far, Cloud Creamery will be the first marijuana product manufacturer to have the grand ‘OK’ from the Marijuana Advisory Team.

Before the creamery can begin production, it still has to negotiate what is known as a host community agreement with Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer. The business is aiming to set up operations in Framingham, at 115 Herbert Street.

Unfortunately, there will not be a pot-ice cream shop on site, as the marijuana-infused ice cream will only be for purchase through outside vendors; no on-site sales will be permitted. None of the flavors of ice cream have been released, and no sneak peeks on what’s to come have been made available, but many locals will be eagerly watching for any news of a flavor menu.

Cloud Creamery markets itself as a locally sourced edible marijuana product, as it plans to source its cannabis from growers in the state. It also purports to be the only company on the East Coast making marijuana-infused ice cream, which will give them an advantage for shelf space at dispensaries and hospitals alike. The business is predicting that they will get most of their income from hospice facilities, hospitals, and casinos. They say that their strongest customers will be those with a medical marijuana card, but they also aim to sell the ice cream to adult recreational users at dispensaries.

According to Patch, Cloud Creamery has plans to work with a total of four different dispensary companies in the Boston area once they open. Though the creamery has passed the town's review, there is still the negotiation with the Mayor that needs to happen before it can officially open.