Boston, MA - The offseason for the Boston Celtics just got a little bit sweeter this morning. In an offseason filled with immense change (chief among the moves being LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers), the mastery objective of Danny Ainge's Boston based basketball squad has been to stay put and rehabilitate their star players because the team is primed for a deep run into the postseason this year, potentially including the NBA Finals.

This decision making process has been furthered by the latest move on the part of the Celtics. The restricted free agent, Marcus Smart, resigned with Boston this morning for a four year contract worth fifty-two million dollars. In a statement released by the defensive juggernaut, he said that he is excited to don the Celtic green jersey and help his teammates in their pursuit of bringing an eighteenth championship to the city of Boston.

Drafted sixth overall in the NBA draft four seasons ago, Smart has proven himself worthy of this monster contract because of his smart hustle play and his defensive prowess. The contract might seem fairly hefty for a player who will be relegated to role player status, but it is definitely worth it if the Celtics aim to have any hope of matching up defensively against juggernauts like the Toronto Raptors, the Golden State Warriors, and now, the Lakers.

This move also proves how much the Celtics value the talents of Smart and what he can bring to the table because a thinning free agent market made it seem likelier and likelier that Smart would wind up with the Celtics and the team could have waited for Smart to sign a six million dollar deal in October if no other team made a qualifying offer, but the team decided to lock up their crucial role player much earlier in the summer. This also helps the team prepare their squad for the upcoming season much earlier.

Unfortunately, Boston also entered the luxury tax for the season, but Ainge expected this.

The team is coming together better and the Celtics look ready to begin preparations for the 2018-19 season.