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Man Wins Cash Prize, Stabbed to Death Shortly After; Arrest Made

Man Wins Cash Prize, Stabbed to Death 
Shortly After; Arrest Made

Dorchester, MA - A 77-year-old man from Dorchester won a significant cash prize. In a sad turn of events, he was stabbed to death shortly afterwards.

Marcelino Perez was stabbed to death last month, in his own home, after receiving his cash prize from a private lottery. According to Assistant District Attorney Amy Martin, the man at fault for the stabbing was a neighbor of Perez’s. The man’s name is Ramon Rodriguez-Delgado.

According to Martin, Rodriguez-Delgado lived in a building directly across from Perez’s apartment. Rodriguez-Delgado had heard that Perez won some money, and when the time came for Perez to receive the money, Rodriguez-Delgado made his move. As soon as Rodriguez-Delgado caught sight of the money being delivered, he took action to make the money his own.

On the afternoon of July 26, 2018, Rodriguez-Delgado was caught on video camera leaving the apartment of Marcelino Perez. Eight minutes later, he went back into Perez’s home, stayed a few more minutes, then ended up leaving again.

A few minutes after this, Rodriguez-Delgado went back into the home of Marcelino Perez, but this time stayed for approximately half an hour. During this visit, Rodriguez-Delgado was wearing a completely different outfit than he initially wore the first two visits. According to prosecutors, this is when the man stabbed Perez to death.

Perez’s body was left in his apartment after the stabbing took place. Family members of the victim found him dead a few hours later.

Ramon Rodriguez-Delgado was the only suspect involved in the case. He was arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

There are no additional hearings scheduled at this time. There is no additional information or commentary available at this time. Family members and friends of Perez do not wish to be put on record at this time.

Friends and family members of Perez hope that Rodriguez-Delgado is served a fair and just punishment, even if it means to keep the man behind bars for life. As of now, he is being held without bail.