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Man Sleeps on Orange Line with Wad of Cash; Careless or Undercover?

Man Sleeps on Orange Line with Wad of Cash; Careless or Undercover?

Boston, MA - When traveling in a major city, there are many actions that people are advised against. Don't break the law. Be wary in crowded areas. Be cautious about timeshare salespeople. Perhaps most importantly, don't hold a large wad of cash out in public on transportation through the city. These are lessons we always learn growing up.

But this man, a photo of whom was shared by Reddit user u/Dogs-Keep-Me-Going, may not have been privy to such an idea.

This man's sleeping on the orange line with hundreds worth of cash and just doesn't care. from boston

He fell asleep on the orange line with cash out in the open. According to the comment section, he told the man to put his money away and the man agreed and fell back asleep without doing anything. Another person also tried to take the money before the poster told him to put it back. Why did this man not care?

As for what this story could mean, there are two distinct possibilities in my mind. Cynics hiding in the comment sections of posts like this might think that the man could be an undercover cop, posing as a careless man, in order to entrap people willing to commit a crime. Perhaps he dangles the money on the orange line and basically tempts people into becoming thieves to catch them before they steal real money from real people. But based on the comments and the story, it seems like this might not necessarily be the case.

The more optimistic side of me has a different point of view. In the small Indie movie starring Paul Rudd, Our Idiot Brother, there is a scene in which he asks the man next to him on the train to hold his cash. His philosophy is one of a belief that he puts his faith in people, then they will want to "rise to the occasion" and live up to that faith, proving themselves worthy of the trust of a stranger. Maybe that's what is happening here. Maybe this man trusts the people of Boston and the people of the world around him. It may not be the safest way to live, but it's a philosophy I can get behind. And since we won't ever have the full story, it's the best we can hold onto right now.