WOBURN – There is an episode of The Office in season seven titled "Todd Packer" wherein the bully of the office, the titular Packer, insults Kevin Malone, an accountant whose weight and intelligence is often played for laughs on the NBC comedy. After the office fights back against Packer, they make him apologize to Kevin, but Kevin refuses to accept the apology because he still wants Packer to like him and does not want to show that his feelings had actually been hurt by him.

There's a real life version of this episode playing out in the national news.

Last week, Donald Trump held another one of his YUGE presidential rallies in Manchester, New Hampshire. Of course, as most of Trump's speeches tend to go, it was quickly overshadowed by some inane act that Trump pulled during the rally.

Protesters demonstrated at Trump's Manchester rally and, in response, Trump called out one of the protesters. But when he picked on one of them, he actually selected Frank Dawson, a retired member of the United States Navy from Woburn, who was not part of the group protesting against Trump. Dawson was actually one of his supporters in attendance, the Boston Globe reports.

Never one to think before he speaks, Trump called out at Dawson and said, "That guy has got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising. He's got a bigger problem than I do."

Not that Trump would ever apologize to someone he made fun of like that, supporter or not, but he did call Dawson after the event and allegedly thanked him for supporting him, without saying sorry to the veteran.

And Dawson has no hard feelings against Trump, as he told Fox News, "Everything's good. I love the guy. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country."

Schoolyard bullying that would be beneath a well-mannered five-year-old is just another example of "par for the course" for Trump. But when the target of this verbal abuse actually doubles down on his support for the bully, we're left just feeling sad for everything. It's Kevin all over again.

Image via Flickr / The Epoch Times