Brookline, MA - A 27-year-old man was recently charged by the state police for negligent driving of a motor vehicle. He later left the scene where he caused injury to the victim.

Brookline man, Jonathan Costa, was arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court today for the August 6, 2018 incident he was apart of. The Massachusetts State Police claim that Costa had collided with a cyclist in the rotary located at Centre Street and the Arborway in Jamaica Plain. Officials say Costa is being charged for negligent driving as well as leaving the scene of the crash at the time.

A driver who witnessed the scene take place came forward to state his side of the story. According to him, his camera caught vital footage of the accident. It showed a red car driving up the rotary while the cyclist was already in the rotary. The cyclist tried to make its way through the circle when the red car started to pump its breaks. According to the footage, no signal was indicated that the red car was turning in any direction. Without his right blinker on, Costa seemed to cut across lanes to take the second exit in the rotary while cutting off the cyclist in the process.

Without the proper time needed to break, the cyclist crashed into the car and flew onto the road. The driver that witnessed the scene take place stepped out of his vehicle to make sure that the cyclist was okay. According to sources, the red car had to dodge other cars while continuing to take the exit.

Costa's lawyer indicated that his client was not even aware of the accident until he saw the video on social media at a later point.

The lawyer stated, “The music was on going, it was 9 o’clock in the morning, the A/C was going. If you look at the exact video, the bicyclist hit the back rear end of the vehicle, of his car, so he didn’t know that anything had happened. ” Costa's attorney went on to say, “It’s not very clear that he was actually aware of it.”

That same day, the Massachusetts State Police took the footage that the anonymous driver brought forward to show it to the public. They had asked for anyone to come forward with any information regarding the accident. They had also asked for anyone to come forward if they could identify where the car was or who was driving the car.

The 27-year-old man turned himself in to the court, after he says he became aware of the accident via social media.