Boston, MA - A man in his mid 20’s, accused of cyber-stalking his roommate for over a year, has been sentenced to serve time in a federal prison.

Ryan Lin appeared in federal courts yesterday, October 3, 2018, to hear from his many victims. According to reports, prosecutors say he had done his best to hurt the lives of others for over a year. Earlier this year, Lin confessed, stating that he was guilty of cyber-stalking several people.

Evidence used in the case against Lin stated some troubling facts; court officials told reporters that Lin had recently been found guilty for hacking one of his roommate’s computers back in 2016. When he gained access to the computer, Lin spread all of his roommate’s personal information all over the internet. In addition, he sent explicit pictures of the female roommate to the majority of her loved ones. According to additional reports, Lin supposedly caused a lot of problems for the female roommate; he used her credit or bank cards, sent racist e-mails to people, and went as far as trying to convince her to commit suicide.

The female victim was present in court yesterday when the court case was in session. She gave a statement regarding the past year and how much Lin tried to get her life to crumble. Lin didn’t just try to do all of the things listed above; he also tried putting her in danger by posting numerous ads on the internet stating she was open to prostitution and violent sex. This, in turn, led to strangers visiting her home at all hours of the day. She stated on the record that she referred to her cell phone as a weapon out to get her, specifically considering Lin was using it to try and harm her in some way. According to her, Lin had potentially set the female up to be raped, or even worse, murdered. She stated, “There was no limit to what he would do.”

Yesterday, Lin was sentenced to seventeen years in federal prison. Once he is released, he’ll have to be monitored for an additional five years.

Photo Credit: Jane Flavell Collins, October 6, 2017.